Want to take the kids trick or treating?  Many times, a Standard Possession Order does not include a provision specifically for Halloween.  This can make Halloween extra scary for divorced parents who both want to spend time with their costumed boys and ghouls.

If Halloween doesn’t fall during your possession this year, you there are still alot of ways you can still share in the holiday fun. Setting up a Skype session or Facetime with your child in costume, surprising them with lunch at your child’s school if they dress up, or sending a Halloween balloon or cookie delivery. You can also celebrating before Halloween by making a trip to the pumpkin patch, carving jack-o-lanterns, or watching age-appropriate scary movies.  You can even through a neighborhood or family party before Halloween.

Some divorced families even put their differences aside for one night and go trick or treating together, although (depending upon your circumstances) this may not work for everyone.

If Halloween does fall during your possession time, make sure to take and send  lots of pictures of your child in costume to your ex.  They will want to see their children dressed up as much as you do.  Hopefully they will repay the gesture on a year when they have Halloween or another important holiday or event.  These small gestures can be huge in establishing and maintaining effective co-parenting and encouraging a healthy relationship with your child’s other parent.

For people who have not yet finalized their divorce, speak with your divorce lawyer as provisions can be included in your decree for special holidays that are not addressed by the Standard Possession Order, like Halloween, Easter, and the Fourth of July.

No matter what your relationship is like with your ex or what your decree says about Halloween, keep in mind that Halloween should be a fun holiday for your child and know that you, whether it is your day for possession or not, should have the ability to make that happen.  Happy Halloween and enjoy the candy!!